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Why should I track my links? < Click here for the answer! >

Why should I track my links?

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you will find the statistics provided for you here at ZapIt.Nu, 100% free, are in real-time, meaning you can see if your pages are being seen right away. Not only that, you can also see where in the world your traffic is coming from, and not just the sites providing the traffic!

You can also see in real time where in the world, country by country, where your traffic is coming from. This alone is very important. There are many countries where you are wasting your time, efforts, and money promoting most anything. Some sites you may use to get traffic from, you may find that most of the traffic they are sending you is from China, Indonesia, or 1, 2, or 3 other countries where people are literally "out of the market" for what you have to offer!

Not only can you Zap your affiliate links to your pages, but you can Zap any link you want! Zap links you have in your splash pages. Why? To see if your links are being clicked! Why keep promoting something using a page that isn't even getting clicked?

Do you see how important it is to track your links?

Why should I shorten my links? < Click here for the answer! >

Why should I shorten my links?

SmileBottom line, it's just the proper thing to do. It's the new etiquette, or NETiquette as it is now known as. When it comes to social sharing, it really makes a difference in how things look. Some places, like Twitter, only allow so much room for a tweet. There are some links out there that by themselves can fill the tweet box leaving you no room to enter anything else, and some links are even too long to even tweet!
Trend More than that, for affiliate marketers, it is a way to protect your affiliate links. You can even cloak your URLs and your links will appear as if they are from ZapIt.Nu! Protecting your affiliate links is something many people have heard a bit about. There are scripts out there that can take a page, change the affiliate id's and make the links their own. There are websites out there where people can promote their affiliate links, like free-for-all links pages (not all are bad), and you have no idea if your affiliate links are being pirated. It happens every day. It could be happening to you right now and you will never even know it! All you will know is that you just don't seem to get any results.

Zapping your URLs will protect you from affiliate piracy! Cloaking is only an option and not necessary to protect your links.

Team Traffic Rush!



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