Zap It! Cloak It! Track It! Share It!

ZapIt.Nu was created for exactly the above. Very simple and straight forward.

ZapIt.Nu is an absolutely free, public service that does not require registration! It was designed with the affiliate marketer in mind but anyone can use this! ZapIt.Nu allows a person to not only shorten a link, but also to cloak, track, and share any link.

Cloaking a link allows a person to hide a link that may be an obvious affiliate link. By using the cloaking option, a person can see better results in their marketing efforts, thereby gaining better return on their investment.

The tracking provided by ZapIt! is outstanding! The tracking data provided allows a person to see how many times their Zapped link has been seen as well as what countries the traffic is coming from, and most importantly, what sites are producing the results. Better yet, the statistics shown are graphical and very easy to read!

Sharing... If you are not using the power of social media networks then you are missing out on a tidal wave of opportunities! After Zapping your long link you have the option to share your to all your favorite social networks!

Zap It! Cloak It! Track It! Share It!
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