First a very short story...

If you went fishing and went to a dock and found 100 other people at this dock, all trying to catch the same fish that you are trying to catch, what do you think your chances of catching that fish are?

You are then faced with 3 choices:

  1. Try your best to catch that same fish everyone else is trying catch, but with 100 other people on that dock all fishing for the same thing, you risk not catching that fish at all.
  2. Try a to catch a different fish than the other 100 people are trying to catch. You could find yourself coming out well.
  3. If you really want that same fish everyone else is trying to catch, try another dock with less people to get tangled up with.

So how does this story relate to your marketing efforts?

With the Top 25 Most Active Links lists you can see what people are promoting the heaviest. Are most of them promoting the same thing you want to promote?

By looking at the Top 100 Most Used Sites For Traffic lists you can see where people are promoting.

So now, by studying the lists, you can see what is being promoted the most, and where they are being promoted the heaviest.

If you want to promote the same thing that most everyone else is, do you want to go to the dock that has 100 other people all trying to catch the same fish? Your conversions will very likely be less than expected if you follow everyone else to the same spot.

You can use these lists to your advantage. If you use these lists there is a strong chance your conversions will increase, if you use the lists right.