Where Did My Links Go?

The most popular question I get every day is "Where did my links go?" Truth is, they didn't go anywhere! All you have lost is the convenience of the "Your Links" feature, which is only that, a convenience.

Your zapped links are not tracked by cookies. They are tracked by your IP address that is supplied by your Internet Service Provider. Some ISPs use what is called a dynamic IP addressing system, versus a static IP that most ISPs use. Static IPs never change. Dynamic IPs do.

Changing IP addressesĀ is something that some ISPs do because they only have so many IP addresses to allocate to their customers, and have more customers than IP addresses to give out. So they "share" IPs, changing them as needed. When a customer "logs off" the IP address they were using gets freed up and becomes available to another customer that wants to log in. The ISP is able to do this because the chances of all their customers being online all at the same time are very slim to none.

So, if your ISP uses dynamic IPs, and you log off, when you log back on you may not have the same IP address as you did the last time you were logged onto the internet. So, when you go to "Your Links" it may appear that your links have disappeared! No worries! They are still there!

Here is how to access them. There are a couple different ways to deal with this.

One, add a + to the end of your zapped link.
http://zapit.nu/sample would become http://zapit.nu/sample+

By adding a plus to the end, you will be taken directly to the stats page for that link, no matter what your IP address is.

Another way is to zap the same link you already zapped. Yes you will get another zapped link, but, you will be able to connect any other zapped link that points to the same long URL.

Notice the image to the right of the zapped link on the stats page. It looks like this . Click on that image and you will see all the zapped links that point to the same place, all combined on one page. By the way, if you promote the same URL at many different places, take a look at this article to see what how this combined and individual stats feature can benefit you.

FYI - If you are interested in having an IP address that does not change, contact your ISP and just ask them. Many ISPs will do this if you ask, however, keep in mind that some of them will charge an extra fee to have a static IP address.

Let me know if you have any other questions.